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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Have you lost weight? You look GREAT!

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At a period in my life when I was in the midst of a terrible eating disorder and had lost a significant amount of body mass maaaany people would comment on the weight I lost and how I looked great. I remember specifically someone close to me, an older man said to me after not seeing me for a year or so how great I looked. At that time I was probably in the part of my eating disorder where I was eating a very inadequate amount of calories each day, suffering from depression, severe anxiety and the lowest of low self esteem. I was absolutely miserable. My entire life every second of every day revolved around my desire to become thinner. This comment along with the others reaffirmed my false belief that extremely skinny is superior to other sizes and reaffirmed how important it was for me to continue losing mass. I do not blame these people at all AND I am not saying that they meant or even inferred those things but because of my psychologically unhealthy state of mind, that is how I took it. What I would like to get across is to be aware when we give "compliments" like this to people that we are aware of what kind of state that person may be in. For some people it is just an "oh yeah thanks I finally found a lifestyle that is more in line with healthy living" but for many people these compliments reconfirm very harmful false ideas and mentalities.

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  1. McCall!! You are so insightful!! I loved this post so much, thank you for sharing it!!