Alright everyone!! I am soo excited to start this blog! I have wanted to start one for quite some time but due to my perfectionist personality, which I constantly attempt to keep at bay like a fire that strives to rage despite firefighters efforts to squelch it, I have hesitated in starting it feeling like it was essential that my first post is so FANTASTIC that it blows everyone out of the water. Basically I decided I'd better just start it and eventually one of my blog posts will be meaningful and help some person with whatever they struggle with :). I love life! I love sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Down to a Science

I LOVE THIS LADY'S POST!!!!!! She is in recovery from an eating disorder. What I am thinking now is how amazingly distinctly (I don't want to say similar because I feel like it is an understatement, I would venture to say exact) exact different people's experiences with eating disorders are. If that makes sense, what I am saying is that eating disorders are so similar if not exact. The thoughts, the feelings, the motivations and how the eating disorder interacts and controls us is SO SO SO exactly the same. This is a testimony to me of the devil. An eating disorder is so so perfectly calculated to be so debilitating in every way that it just has to be designed and calculated. It is. I very strongly believe it is. We loose 100% of the battles we don't know we are fighting. Ladies and Gentlemen we are fighting a battle with the devil over our happiness, self esteem and peace. Recognizing when it is him and finding the falseness we are living by is the purpose of the kind of therapy I support and LOVE AND WOULD NOT BE WHERE I AM WITHOUT IT!! :) I love you all and I hope that if you think about what your body looks like or what food you eat/don't eat more than 10% of the day you may be being lied to my the great deceiver himself. If so talk to me or someone you love about it please. You can be WAY happier than you are now. Life in recovery from and eating disorder is OH so sweet :)

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